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Features of Fruit Machine Slots

slot machine gamesOne of the most sought after online slot machine games is the fruit machine. It is simple to play and very easy to understand. At the same time, it offers a great chance to make big winnings. Due to these reasons it has become one of the most popular online slot machines. The fruit machine slots are more skill based than other types and they also have a number of unique features. Here is quick look at some of the common features found in this type of slots:


1. Hold: The hold button is a very integral part of the fruit machine and it is the only slot that has this feature. It allows the player to hold on to one or more reels during the spin. A particular number of holds are given to the player during this game and it is usually a pretty random number. Sometimes the player gets lucky and is able to hold on to more than one reel for multiple spins.

So if you feel that some combination is about to come up then you can hold on to any one symbol on the reel. This is a very unique feature to the fruit machine slot game.


2. Nudge: This is another interesting feature that allows players to nudge the symbol that appears on the screen. Again, the option is awarded at random and a player might be able to nudge more than one reel. These can also get awarded during the bonus rounds and it really improves the chances of hitting a wining combination at slot machine games.


3. Bonus Trail: The Bonus Trail feature will allow players the opportunity to make extra winnings. There will be a certain set of bonuses and a square will keep flashing on them. The player has to press the Stop button and the spot where the flashing square stops determines the bonus that is awarded. The bonus trial is activated at random and the longer you play the game, the higher will be the chances of making it appear. The bonuses could be anything from extra money to extra nudges. In any case, these bonus trails can be highly beneficial in increasing profits for the player.


These are some of the unique features that set the Fruit Machine apart from other slot machine games. As you can see, it calls for a greater degree of skill and anticipation. So make sure that you look out for these added features when playing Fruit Machine slots.